Thursday, January 20, 2005

fellow numismatic friend

At last I made contact with a fellow numismatic who concentrates on Valerian, Gallienus, & family, both
imperial and provincial, you can visit his blog site here at hobbyblog

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Fulvia Plautilla was married to Caracalla

Fulvia Plautilla. The daughter
of C. Fulvius Plautianus, story of Plautilla is, in reality a shadow
of her father's story. Plautianus was a North African who became Severus
Praetorian Prefect in ca. 197 AD. For his relationship with Severus,
he was rewarded with consular insigina, a seat in the Senate and finally
the Conslship in 203 AD shared with Geta Of note to numismatics, his
daughter was married to Caracalla in 202 AD with much pomp and ceremony.
But Plautianus began to wield too much authority, too openly, for the
comfort of certain members of the Imperial family, to include Juila
Domna and Caracalla. Caracalla invented evidence of Plautianus involvement
in a plot against him and confronted him in January 22nd 205. Even though
denning the charges, Caracalla had him executed on the spot As for Plautilla,
her manners had never won over her husband and she was banished to Lipari.
In 211 Caracall signed an order for her execution. Nasty, nasty nasty! Poor Geta

Friday, January 07, 2005


The thing about Otho is that he is the most difficult of all of the twelve caesars to collect. I'm still on the search and would love to find one that is within my budget. Another good site to visit is Kevins Coins He has a nice informative site for the collector of thetwelve caesars

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Severan Dynasty

My first ever complete roman coin collection, was based around the Severan Dynasty. This is an ineteresting collection with only five emperors. the crafty Septimius Severus and his sons Geta and the oh so cruel Caracalla. It also includes the excessive priest Elagabalus and Serverus Alexander. A great site to visit to learn about coin attribution is wildwinds

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Twelve Caesars

began collecting Roman coins almost 15 years ago without much real idea as to how to start a collection. Since that time I have shaped my collection into seperate themes. One
of which is the aim to collect all twelve caesars These were the rulers of the empire begining with Julius Caesar and progressing through to Domitian. These are the men who were
the most powerfull figures in western history, crafting with iron and blood and sheer reslove the great Roman Empire itself. These coins are tangible artifacts of the statesman
Augustus, the reclusive Tiberius, the arrogant Caligula, the gluttonous Vitellius and the pragmatic Vespasian. It is a touch challenge to asseble all twelve Caesars requiring
patience and some financial resources all of which I'm afraid I have very little

Prefab Sprout

I also love Prefab Sprout and my friend Jon Wright who is a big fan of Podcasting is also a fan of this group from Langley Park in County Durham, not that far from ElvisD

New Website Coming Soon

I am about to relaunch my website dadscoins in a few days. It will include coins of Tiberius Claudius Nero, later Tiberius Julius Caesar born 42 BC. Tiberius knew all through his own experience how well the wheel of fortune can turn. Born into a highly respected family his early years were spent as a fugitive. He served Augustus as commander and was involved in the battle at Actium, in the Spanish and Armenian campaigns. However upon the death of Agrippa, he was married against his will to Julia and forced to divorce his own wife Vispania.

He pushed Caius and Lucius Caesars for the ultimate succession. He went into a huff and lived on Rhodes in 2 BC to make way for the youths. It was to be Caius that finally succeeded Tiberius after he died on March 16th 37AD at the superb age of 78 He also is a recent addition to my twelve caesars collection.


Publius Aclius Hadrianus born Jan 24th 76 AD. Like Trajan, Hadrian was also born at Italica in Spain. When Hadrian was but ten years old. His father died and he became a ward of Trajan. After receiving an excellent classical education at Rome, Hadrian entered public service, serving as a legionary commander and ultimately rising to govern Syria from 113 AD. Of equal significance in ca. 100 AD, he married Pltotina.

When Trajan died in 117 AD. The troops in Antioch proclaimed him as emperor and the Senate easily confirmed him into the position of Augustus. Hadrian died of a lingering illness on July 10th 138 AD, after a reign of 20 years and 11 months.


As a collector of Roman Imperial coins and dedicated to the completion of my Twelve Caesars, the recent addition of Galba now means I require only Otho and Julius Caesar. Here is some information on Galba

Sevius Sulpicius Galba born
ca. 3BC. Galba was a distinguished Senator who had served the Julio
Claudian line of emperors since the time of Augustus. However he proved
to be an ineffective emperor. he began making numerous blunders on his
arrival in Rome in 68 AD. he made few friend s when he refused to pay
the Praetorian Guard a bonus. Galba held conservative views saying that
' it is my policy to levy troops, not to buy them' His mind it would
prove, would not be of the hour. His most fatal blunder it is said was
that of his selection of of a heir. He selected Calpurnius Piso Licianus.
Piso had no military experience and was hated by the Praetorian Guard.
This offended Otho, who had expected to succeed Galba and was respected
by the army and the Guard. Otho lost his rag, declared himself Emperor
and led a cavalry charge the killed Galba. Piso was taken from hiding
and cut up into lots of small pieces.


I collect roman imperial coins.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My first blogg

So here I stand alone in the new world of blogging! My friend Jon Wright sent me here and for the moment I'm happy just to hang around.